Beginner's Acting course 

"I enjoyed the practical nature of the course and threw myself into performing. Incredibly knowledgeable teacher excellent at communicating his passion for acting."

“I learned that acting is not about pretending but about understanding behaviours and communication patterns.”

"The teacher made us all feel completely comfortable. Excellent and knowledgeable tutor. I gained a great deal from this course - it really pushed my boundaries and in so doing I have discovered my confidence."

"Fantastic facilitator, very good at getting everyone involved in the class. I'm sure we all ended up doing things we never would have imagined before starting the course!"

"The teacher was infectiously passionate. I loved how quickly everybody just got into it."

"Excellent pace, very supportive and friendly. It got me out of my comfort zone and gave me more confidence."

    "I loved the script work, the games, the improv, and generally the fun of it all. I found myself looking forward to each session."

    "I, and a lot of people on the course, have felt an amazing change and growth in confidence."

    "There was a lot of laughter but I also learnt a lot about being more open and just allowing things to happen."

    "I went on the course to improve my confidence and it has really helped. I feel more comfortable in my skin and have learnt ways to perform better at work."

    "Some fascinating exercises. The environment was full of trust and goodness. Great way to break up the week."

    "I have gained greater awareness of how I communicate and a better understanding of what makes an actor."

    "Gained confidence. More in touch with emotions. A lot of fun."

    "Excellent facilitator. Friendly fun and safe atmosphere. Great group of people. We covered a lot of ground, learned a lot and gelled as a group."

    "Great practice for thinking on your feet and being aware of how you express yourself."

    "I really felt like the teacher brought out the best in everyone and created an accepting, supportive atmosphere. We all had a lot of fun and I felt able to express myself."

    "Mix of fun and skill building, great break from tribulations and stresses of the week." 

    "It was a lot of fun and I didn't struggle as much as I thought I would!"

    "The course gave me confidence and a new found enthusiasm. It was great fun from start to finish."

    "I feel a lot more spontaneous now not afraid of standing up, speaking up and being heard!"

    "I'm definitely more comfortable in large group situations especially in company meetings and professional working environments."

    "Really enjoyable course which totally exceeded expectations. looking forward to the next one!"


    Intermediate Scene Work

    “The approach to acting was absolutely great - the teacher was brilliant, and I always left the class feeling inspired and energised.”

    "I really feel that my confidence has grown as a performer. I loved working from scripts and getting into a character. It was such a lovely group and we all gelled really well. Great teacher, very encouraging and makes it all fun! I'm really looking forward to the character building course."

    "Fantastic course. What I've learned will help me to develop my characters as well as being able to do more realistic performances."

    "I enjoyed exploring different style each week and having the chance to perform in front of the class and the tutor and receive feedback. I gained a renew sense of confidence and fun in life!"

    "Wonderful teacher. I always felt feeling challenged and excited to develop more the following week."

    "The teacher created a safe environment for us to play and explore and was extremely enthusiastic."

    "Very interesting course structure with excellent variety each week. Have learnt a lot. Lovely engaging people!"

    "Really enjoyed the session on monologues, how to prepare them and individual feedback." 


    Amateur Theatre course

    "The teacher was superb, hands on, planned and organized each session in an interesting, dynamic and interactive way. Very good direction and advice."

    "The performance went down like a storm, it was really fun! My friends in the audience said they were impressed."

    "I enjoyed every class and especially the final performance, first time I could experience acting on stage in front of an audience."

    "I liked the sense of being part of an acting troupe when we worked towards our scene in the play and the background work done before learning our parts."

    "Every week I felt we added another layer of depth to our characters."

     "Very good directing, clear approaches and very detailed feedback to work from." 


    Voice & Communication course

    "I feel that I have really benefited, and have received a lot of acknowledgement on the increased strength and quality of my voice, from family, friends, and members of my drama group."

    "I had an excellent time, really felt I learnt something, loved the supportive atmosphere and the ease with which confidence built up over the course."

    "It was fun, the teacher was really enthusiastic and able to give quick, personalised feedback for each individual."

    "All the different exercises made me realise the potential of my voice. I was introduced to something new every week. A very high quality course."

    "I like how the teacher takes special attention to everyone specific need. Very interesting course."

    "Very professional and so much fun. I've gained confidence in myself".

    "Stronger vocal and communication skills have already helped me feel more assertive both and work and in my daily life."

    "Enormous fun along with being very informative. The course gives you a lot of confidence."

    "A fantastic way to think differently about controlling anxiety, projecting ease and confidence. Engaging and expertly led."

    " I learnt techniques to strengthen and project my voice, to speak at a slower pace and how to place emphasis on pertinent words so that I can bring in the audience."

    " I learned a lot about the physical and mental side of voice work and came away with a new way of interacting with the world."

    "Excellent instructor who did a fantastic job of balancing the needs of the different personalities and demands of the group whilst creating a friendly and positive atmosphere. A great experience."

     "I loved the body-focussed approach and learning to view the voice as an expression of the whole body. This has really helped me appreciate the importance of grounding myself before speaking."