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Meisner Technique


  • Establish and practice real communication

    City Acting Meisner has been designed as a follow on from City Acting Fun for Beginners, but is open to anyone who has completed an equivalent beginner's course or who feels they already have basic experience as a performer.

    The classes run weekly for 8 weeks, 7-9pm, in: 
    * Angel, N1 - every Tuesday from 13 September until 4 October

    Fees: 4 week course £145
    Max size group 12 participants 

    Course Details

    Developed by Sanford Meisner at the Neighbourhood Playhouse in New York between the 1930s and 80s, the Meisner Technique is a fluid acting technique which encourages you to discover fresh moments with your fellow actors as you play rather than stick to a rigid intellectual interpretation of a scene. 

    Understanding and working with Meisner's exercises will spice up your acting with truth and spontaneity, sharpen your essential acting skills, introduce and exciting way of working to your actor's tool kit, reveal a fun, instinctive way to establish and practice real communication.

        The drama course is spread over 4 weekly sessions of 2 hours each. We keep group sizes small in order for the facilitator to give you a lot of individual feedback to encourage an intimate, friendly, and fun atmosphere in which you can learn and grow.


      • Frequently Asked Questions

        1. Do I need experience to take the Beginner acting course?

        Absolutely not, City Acting Fun has been prepared for total beginners.

        City Acting Voice & Communication classes and most of our one day workshops are also open to participants with no previous experience in acting.

        2. And, if I have some experience, which drama course should I enroll for?

        If you have some experience, you’re welcome to join Scene Work for Intermediates, Character Building or the Amateur Theatre courses. You may also be interested in the Voice & Communication Skills and Monologue & Presentation Workshops.

        3. Are auditions required for admission?

        Absolutely not. Everyone is welcome. 

        4. What will I do during the class?

        The description of the courses are available online. Please do give us a ring for any question you may have.

        5. What do I need to wear? Should I bring anything to the class?

        Comfortable clothes and flat shoes are the only things you need. You may also want to bring a bottle of water.

        6. How many students will attend my course?

        To encourage an intimate, friendly and fun atmosphere in which you can learn and grow, we keep the group between 8 and 16 students. The facilitator will give you a lot of individual feedback.

        7. English is not my first language. Can I attend the class?

        You’re absolutely welcome to join the Beginner Acting courseCity Acting Voice & Communication and most of our one day workshops. We usually welcome several foreigners per group, some of them come especially to improve their English. For more advanced courses, please be aware that a good command of the language is necessary to benefit fully from the classes.

        8. Am I old/young enough to attend the class?

        You just have to be over 18 to attend the drama courses. We welcome all age groups in our acting classes.

        9. Is the class accessible to disabled people?

        Most of our drama classes are run in studios accessible to disabled people. Please get in touch and let us know about your specific requirements.

        10. What is your refund policy?

        You have a statutory right to cancel any distance contract within 14 days of the date of purchase as long as you have not yet accessed the relevant courses. For all information, please see our terms of service and don't hesitate to be in touch for any question you may have.