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Beginner's Acting Fun


Beginner's Acting Fun

Beginner's Acting Fun


  • Develop acting skills and build confidence

    City Acting Fun is a drama course for Beginners across London. No previous experience is required.

    The classes run weekly for 7 weeks, 7-9pm, in: 
    Waterloo, SE1 -
    every Wednesday from 3rd November until 15 December (SOLD OUT)
    * Angel, N1 
    - every Tuesday from 11 January until 22nd February
    Waterloo, SE1 
    - every Wednesday from 12 January until 23rd February
    Fees: 7 week course £180

    The classes run weekly for 8 weeks, 7-9pm, in: 
    * Angel, N1 - every Tuesday from 26 October until 14 December (SOLD OUT)
    * Angel, N1 - every Thursday from 10 February until 31st March
    Waterloo, SE1 - every Wednesday from 2nd March until 20 April
    Fees: 8 week course £195

    Course Details

    Our Beginners acting course is great fun and perfect for those who've always wanted to try out acting or for those who have a burning desire to return to it after a long break. It is also for all of us who want to learn to have less fear around social occasions or meeting new people, as well as how to manage our nerves when faced with revealing our authentic selves and the sense of shame that can accompany that. 

    Run by very supportive and engaging tutors, the course will help you build confidence and feel more at ease in front of an audience, whether in a professional or social context, and introduce you to many of the basic tools actors use on stage and screen.

    It's also a great way to meet and hang out with new friends!

    • Fun, group exercises and ensemble work
    • Explore yourself as a person and how you relate to the world
    • Improve your self-confidence and presenting skills, both socially and professionally
    • Understand how to use your own experiences to develop a character
    • Vital techniques that all actors use, including voice and body awareness
    • Work on scenes from a play or film

      The drama course is spread over 7 or 8 weekly sessions of 2 hours each. We keep group sizes small in order for the facilitator to give you a lot of individual feedback to encourage an intimate, friendly, and fun atmosphere in which you can learn and grow.


    • Upcoming Courses Schedule

      Beginners Acting Fun 7 weeks 14 Angel Jan 11 to Feb 22 Tues 7-9pm £185 BOOK NOW
      Beginners Acting Fun 7 weeks 14 Waterloo Jan 12 to Feb 23 Wed 7-9pm £185 BOOK NOW
      Beginners Acting Fun 8 weeks 16 Angel Feb 10 to March 31 Thurs 7-9pm £195 BOOK NOW
      Beginners Acting Fun 8 weeks 16 Waterloo March 02 to April 20 Wed 7-9pm
      BOOK NOW
      Beginners Acting Fun 7 weeks 14 Waterloo Nov 3 until Dec 15 Wed 7-9pm £185 BOOK NOW
      Monologue & Presentation 4 weeks 8 Angel Jan 13 to Feb 03 Thurs 7-9pm £145 BOOK NOW
      Voice & Communication 4 weeks 8 Angel March 01 to March 22 Tues 7-9pm £145 BOOK NOW
      Voice & Communication 4 weeks 8 Waterloo Nov 8 until Nov 29 Mon 7-9pm £145 BOOK NOW
      Character Building 7 weeks 14 Waterloo Feb 28 until April 11 Mon 7-9pm £185 BOOK NOW
      Intermediates Scene Work 7 weeks 14 Waterloo Jan 10 to Feb 21 Mon 7-9pm £185 BOOK NOW
      Amateur Theatre 10 weeks 20 Angel April 28 to June 30 Thurs 7-9pm £225 BOOK NOW

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    • Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Do I need experience to take the Beginner acting course?

      Absolutely not, City Acting Fun has been prepared for total beginners.

      City Acting Voice & Communication classes and most of our one day workshops are also open to participants with no previous experience in acting.

      2. And, if I have some experience, which drama course should I enroll for?

      If you have some experience, you’re welcome to join Scene Work for Intermediates, Character Building or the Amateur Theatre courses. You may also be interested in the Voice & Communication Skills and Monologue & Presentation Workshops.

      3. Are auditions required for admission?

      Absolutely not. Everyone is welcome. 

      4. What will I do during the class?

      The description of the courses are available online. Please do give us a ring for any question you may have.

      5. What do I need to wear? Should I bring anything to the class?

      Comfortable clothes and flat shoes are the only things you need. You may also want to bring a bottle of water.

      6. How many students will attend my course?

      To encourage an intimate, friendly and fun atmosphere in which you can learn and grow, we keep the group between 8 and 16 students. The facilitator will give you a lot of individual feedback.

      7. English is not my first language. Can I attend the class?

      You’re absolutely welcome to join the Beginner Acting courseCity Acting Voice & Communication and most of our one day workshops. We usually welcome several foreigners per group, some of them come especially to improve their English. For more advanced courses, please be aware that a good command of the language is necessary to benefit fully from the classes.

      8. Am I old/young enough to attend the class?

      You just have to be over 18 to attend the drama courses. We welcome all age groups in our acting classes.

      9. Is the class accessible to disabled people?

      Most of our drama classes are run in studios accessible to disabled people. Please get in touch and let us know about your specific requirements.

      10. What is your refund policy?

      You have a statutory right to cancel any distance contract within 14 days of the date of purchase as long as you have not yet accessed the relevant courses. For all information, please see our terms of service and don't hesitate to be in touch for any question you may have.