• This is a Voice at the Wellcome Collection
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    Sophie Brun

This is a Voice at the Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection is presenting a new fascinating show from Thursday April 14th until July 31st 2016. This is a Voice is an acoustic journey, an exploration of the human instrument.


The exhibition looks at how the unique grain of our voice can define us socially, geographically and psychologically. It also shows how flexible the voice is and how treatment and training can modify its different components (pitch, tone, projection..).

This is a Voice highlights the importance of non-verbal communication and reveals the power of the voice beyond words that is so important for actors and performers, but also for anyone with a desire to convey emotional meaning.

This brilliantly curated new event is based on a wide range of pieces from musicians and singers, performance artists, actors and comedians; it also includes medical illustrations and ethnographic objects. 

We strongly recommend to all our students to go and see this exhibition, especially before or after attending the Voice & Communication classes run by City Acting as an evening training.


  • Post author
    Sophie Brun