Drama Workshops for Acting Teachers in Essex

Off The Text Workshops provide a diverse range of performing arts workshops to support the delivery of the curriculum and your own professional development. Based in East Sussex, they offer competitively priced programmes of diverse drama workshops throughout the academic year in the Autumn and Spring terms. Their workshops take place on Saturdays, thereby avoiding expensive cover and the complications of leaving exam classes. Each full day workshop led by expert practitioners supports a different aspect of the curriculum that will enhance your teaching.

Their programme for the coming year includes: Meyerhold's Biomechanics Workshop with Stephen Hudson (Saturday 13 January). Biomechanics, created by Russian director Vsevolod Meyerhold (1874-1940), is a rigorous physical training based on the premise that in order to be imaginatively free the actor must by physically free. It trains the actor’s physical dexterity, elasticity and responsiveness. Meyerhold, a renowned actor and director with the Moscow Art Theatre, regarded movement, gesture, space and rhythm, as the primary elements of the language of theatre. He dreamed of creating a theatre that would give its audience truthful images of life but that wouldn’t seek to imitate or copy life, a theatre capable of revealing inner dialogue by means of the music of plastic movement.

Stage Combat Workshop: Storytelling through staged violence with Peter Basham (Saturday 3 February). This workshop will explore some of the principles of directing stage combat. Including practical session learning a selection of moves commonly used by fight directors.  We will then look at how these principles are applied to text.  Using extracts from modern and classical plays we will work out how to best tell the story and show the world of the play through stage combat. It will be a physical workshop that will give teachers the confidence to safely and convincingly portray stage violence with their students.

For all information and more https://www.offthetextworkshops.com/home