A Dramatic Approach to Business Training

React was one of the first companies to bring a dramatic approach to business training and have been doing this for over 20 years. They understands the power of theatre and combines this with commercial insight and a positive approach.Their carefully chosen network of actors spans many ages, locations and professional backgrounds. Each member of the team has a talent for bringing situations to life, connecting with people and giving constructive feedback.

React approach is positive, generous and creative. As a pioneer of dramatic techniques in business, they are at the forefront of practice in this field. They have core values, underlying thinking and established techniques that help them help their clients. They recognise the transformational power of positivity. We look for positive ways to approach challenges. They aim to make everything they do fun, memorable and inspiring. By delivering engaging learning experiences, they help people and organisations be successful.

React turns theory into practice and put experience at the heart of learning. They use drama techniques in practical skills courses, full development programmes, coaching, theatre lab work and bespoke projects. We enjoy building long-term relationships with clients and seeing the difference it makes. They help people be successful through creative learning experiences. Clients often describe the results as a revelation, because it involves developing the skills they already have and discovering things they didn't know you could do. The difference it makes – to individuals, teams, departments and organisations – is dramatic.