TK Stunts Workshops for Young Actors

TK Stunts opened in April 2017 and is the only company facilitating Stunt Workshops for children in the UK.

The Stunt Workshops are all based around films TV. From the start to the end the kids will be put through their paces and will come away with a knowledge of the most dangerous yet exciting industry in the acting business.

Whether it be working in pairs learning and creating their own intricate fight sequence, or as a team listening and looking out for each other while they cover the basics in Bullet hitsThrows and Falls, they will get to take part in a day to remember.

All members of the team are professional actors and performers with years of experience in film, TV and theatre. They will be revealing industry secrets, walking the students through a normal day on a film set and letting them loose on an action sequence of their own. This workshop will give the kids a massive glimpse into the acting industry.

We promise to give your students a day they will never forget. Being informativepractical and character building, the kids will come away with a complete knowledge of the magic behind Stunts