• Wicked Musical Plans Autism-Friendly Show
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Wicked Musical Plans Autism-Friendly Show

For many actors, it has been been the love of a good musical theatre show that inspired them to seek out the most enjoyable acting classes London has to offer, so we love this bit of news that’s sure to inspire a whole new audience which, until now, has been excluded from enjoying it for themselves.

The West End musical production of Wicked has announced a partnership with the National Autistic Society to produce a special ‘autism-friendly’ performance, according to Official Theatre London

The popular show, which tells the origin story of the witches from The Wizard of Oz, has been specially designed to be as welcoming for autistic people as possible. This includes adjustments to the sound and lighting of the show, as many people affected by autism are more sensitive to sights and sounds.

There will also be staff on hand who are specially trained in helping autistic people, as well as dedicated chill out spaces if anyone in the audience needs a break from the action. 

Michael McCabe, Wicked’s executive producer, said: “We’re delighted to be able to welcome fans of Wicked who wouldn’t normally be able to attend a standard performance and look forward to what promises to be an inspiring experience for us all.”

Tickets for the show are available now from the Wicked website and are recommended for ages from seven up. If you know any aspiring actors who just so happen to also be affected by autism, then this might just be the perfect chance to enjoy a West End show.

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