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3 TV Series To Watch This Year

There can be no denying that television has vastly improved over the last couple of years. These days, it’s no big surprise to see huge Hollywood stars appear in TV series and even TV ads where once they wouldn’t have even deigned to have appeared on the small screen. If you’re taking acting courses in London and want to be inspired this year, here are three of the best series to catch on a TV screen near you soon.

Lucky Man

It seems that superheroes just won’t quit at the moment. We’re looking forward to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice coming to the cinema this March, but to tide us over we’ll be watching Stan Lee’s Lucky Man on Sky, the story of a detective who finds a magic bracelet that brings him good luck. He’ll have a fight on his hands thanks to the villain who wants to claim it for his own, however.

The Crown

If you loved a bit of Downton Abbey and have been missing it dreadfully, then you’ll need to check out The Crown, a historical drama that follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s out on Netflix so you’ll be able to watch it at your leisure. We’re sure it’ll inspire you all when you come to your next acting class!


This dramedy tells the tale of a hapless family working behind the scenes on a rock tour, the handiwork of one Cameron Crowe. It stars the likes of Luke Wilson and is produced by J J Abrams, so we think this one will prove to be a winner. Catch it on Showtime this summer.

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